Fusioncat: nuclear fusion in Catalonia

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Nuclear fusion is one of the few technologies with the potential to meet growing energy demand using sustainable, safe and low emission energy sources. Inspired by these scientific and technological challenges, the Catalan community of organisations working in nuclear fusion technology is joining forces in the FusionCAT research project. In this project, Eurecat is [...]

From innovative idea to market: standards help pay the way

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“By including standardization in research projects from the beginning, we are assuring compliance with existing standards. Then we get in touch with the standards committees and those preparing new standards, so we can contribute our knowledge to the creation of these standards. In a recent research project for the development of a new medical device, [...]

1D-NEON project partners review the work done during the 1st year

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Barcelona, 11 April 2017.- Italy will host today and tomorrow the European partners of the project 1D Nanofibre Electro-Optic Networks (1D-NEON) to celebrate the project’s 12 months meeting. The consortium will visit today Solvay’s facilities in Milan and tomorrow the members will travel to Como to the facilities of Saati, another partner of the project. During [...]

Drones to inspect the sewers of Barcelona in 2018

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MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2017 A drone to inspect Barcelona’s sewerage network The new vehicle to start being used in Barcelona next year. The usage of drones for sewerage inspection will reduce risks and maintenance costs. ARSI project takes part of ECHORD++ program (European Coordination Hub for Open Robotics Development). The Spanish companies FCC and Simtech [...]

Eurecat presents a mobile assistant to promote healthy habits for young people

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MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2017 Barcelona, 20 February 2017 – The Eurecat technology centre will be showing at the Mobile World Congress how new mobile technologies can contribute to enhancing a healthy lifestyle, by means of an assistant for smartphones that promotes doing sport and a balanced diet among teenagers with a videogame, together with a smart [...]

Optician2020 validates the sustainability of a new Industry 4.0 paradigm for personalised spectacles

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Barcelona, 17 November 2016.- The Consortium of European project Optician2020 has successfully finished the activities to demonstrate, assess the benefits and validate the sustainability of a new business model for the production and delivery of personalised spectacles adapted to the morphology of each user based on the use of 3D printing technologies and local manufacturing. [...]

Demonstrating that new intelligent water-management techniques generate major savings

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The European WatERP project, led by the Eurecat technology centre, has demonstrated that “Data Science” and interoperability contribute to improving the management of water resources. Barcelona, 27 June 2016. Researchers at the Eurecat technology centre (a member of Tecnio) have been coordinating WatERP, a European project that has demonstrated how the introduction of artificial intelligence [...]

Eurecat is launching Sfëar, a new technology for making 3D music

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SONAR+D The new 3D audio technology has the potential to become the new standard in audio, just like stereo was in the past. Barcelona, 17 June 2015.- The Eurecat technological centre (a Tecnio member) has developed a new technology called Sfëar (, to create songs and music sessions live, in three dimensions, and produce and [...]

Optician2020 makes the connected Industry 4.0 paradigm a reality in the optical sector

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Barcelona, 18 January 2016.- The Consortium of European project Optician2020 has begun activities to demonstrate the sustainability of a new model for the creation of personalized spectacles adapted to the morphology of each user, by means of 3D printing technologies and local manufacturing. Coordinated by the Eurecat Technology Centre and promoted by the company Indo [...]

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