Barcelona, 11 April 2017.- Italy will host today and tomorrow the European partners of the project 1D Nanofibre Electro-Optic Networks (1D-NEON) to celebrate the project’s 12 months meeting. The consortium will visit today Solvay’s facilities in Milan and tomorrow the members will travel to Como to the facilities of Saati, another partner of the project.

During April 11-12 the partners will review the work done during the first year of the project on each one of the work packages and will agree on the next steps to follow. In addition, the 14 partners will go through the demonstration plan and will outline the documents to be presented on month 18.

The project 1D-NEON, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, began in April 2016 and is expected to last 48 months. 1D-NEON has the objective to develop fibre-based smart materials along with an integrated technology platform for the manufacturing in Europe of new products enabling applications in sensing, lighting, energy and electronics.