Modelling and simulation

The Modelling and Simulation Unit at Eurecat designs and optimises materials, components and processes through FEM digital simulation applied to mechanics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics.


Vast experience in modelling and digital simulation of the plastic deformation behaviour of metallic materials, at high and low temperatures, which enables us to closely analyse processes like hot and cold stamping of sheet metal, forging, lamination, drawing, etc., incorporating the microstructural aspect of the material into the simulation.


forming processes eurecat

Forming processes

  • Cold forming. Folding, cutting, drawing, printing.

  • Hot forming. Thermal optimisation of dies, microstructural prediction, forming defect analysis.

  • Casting. Continuous casting, conventional casting.

  • Powder metallurgy. Atomisation, mould filling, compacting.

  • Bonds. Fusion welding, adhesives.

thermodianmic processes eurecat

Thermodynamic processes

  • Thermal treatments. Controlled temperature environments during treatments, microstructural prediction, thermal distortion and thermomechanical stress.

  • Chemical reactions. Process analysis with component mixtures and combustion reactions.

  • Heat exchange. Process analysis of transfers through radiation, conduction and convection, as well as fluid dynamics analysis.

Fluid dynamic processes

  • Transport of particles. Analysis of the trajectories of solid and liquid particles subject to fluid-dynamic forces.

  • Fluid-structure interaction. Analysis of coupled aero‐hydrodynamic processes in the mechanical field.

Analysis and optimisation eurecat

Analysis and optimisation

  • Mechanical systems. Structural assessment, determination of modes of vibration, fatigue behaviour.

  • Fluid-dynamic systems. Evaluation of aerodynamic components, turbomachinery and heat transfer.

  • Electromagnetic systems. Induction heating and the Joule effect, analysis of effort due to EM forces, DC and AC analysis.

  • Material modelling. Characterisation of metallic, plastic and ceramic materials, creation of mechanical behaviour models for different temperatures and deformation speeds.

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