Project Description


Development of a smart and energy efficient blind that reduces the energy expense of buildings and monitors their efficiency parameters through environmentally friendly processes and at an affordable cost of work.

The BRESAER project, focused on the rehabilitation of sustainable buildings, promotes a new façades and roof system that satisfies the thermal, acoustic and lighting needs of the interior of the buildings. This new model of automatic blind is connected to an electronic management system that analyses the solar and wind incidence of the building and decides the optimal inclination of the metal sheets to guarantee the comfort of the interior of the building.

The high-performance blind has been installed in a pilot building located at the University of Burgos, reducing its energy demand, both heating and cooling to 30.7% and in turn, improving thermal comfort and lighting.

BRESAER, that counts with a consortium of 17 partners, has also counted with the participation of the Robotics and Automation Eurecat’s Unit, that has developed the building’s control and communication software and the Product Development Eurecat’s Unit, that has designed the blind.

General details