The Eurecat technology centre is coordinating the European LIFE REWATCH project which is demonstrating on a pilot scale a new system for treating wastewater from the petrochemical industry in one of DOW Chemical Ibérica’s production plants in Tarragona. The system makes it possible to obtain high-quality reclaimed water which can be reused in the same industrial operations.

Specifically, the project has brought on stream a prototype installed at DOW’s ethylene cracker in the north Tarragona industrial complex which treats 6 m3 per hour of a complex mixture of petrochemical wastewater.

This means REWATCH “differs from other reuse projects in that it is designed to treat wastewater in the same place where it is produced and where it can be reused”, points out Xavier Martínez, Director of Eurecat’s Water, Air and Soil Unit. He thinks that this “will help towards sustainability in water use management in the area which is exposed to exceptional water stress at certain times of the year”.

REWATCH “is a circular economy project yet is also designed to tackle climate change”, says Miquel Rovira, Director of Eurecat’s Sustainability Division. “That’s because it reuses water, a resource which will be increasingly scarce in the Mediterranean looking at the predictions for water availability in the region in the envisaged scenarios”.