The MICROBIOTA project has experimentally developed and researched various types of probiotics, prebiotics and symbiotics that act on the intestinal microbiota, with the aim of improving the health of consumers and livestock (poultry and swine) and preventing risk factors for specific pathologies without losing organoleptic qualities and while maintaining the stability of the end product.

The probiotics, prebiotics and symbiotics obtained have been validated as ingredients that have a beneficial impact on the health of women at various stages in their lives, as well as on the health of newborns and people with chronic renal insufficiency, obesity, immune system disorders and intestinal disorders.

MICROBIOTA has used omic technologies and “Big Data” computer tools for data acquisition and management in order to obtain valid conclusions regarding the effect of particular ingredients on the microbiota and metabolism, establish a correlation between the microbiota pattern and a state of altered homeostasis, and build phenotype-based models.

The MICROBIOTA project is part of the RIS3CAT INNOÀPAT Community, which is led by Laboratoris Ordesa and includes Unió Corporació Alimentària, Carinsa, Andrés Pintaluba, Anaxomics, AB-biotics, Cuétara 1951, La Piara, Ibermatica, Blanca from the Pyrenees, and Eurecat. The Community’s aim is to increase investment in R&D&I on the part of Catalan companies in the agri-food industry, in order to make these companies more competitive while taking into consideration consumer demands related to three major challenges facing the food chain.

Eurecat, through its Health and Nutrition Unit and Omic Sciences Unit, has identified and validated prebiotics which modulate the microbiota in such a way that, when combined with a calorie-controlled diet and moderate exercise, there is a clear impact on the long-term maintenance of weight loss.

General details


MICROBIOTA – Identification of new  ingredients able to modulate human and animal microbiota by using industrial biotechnology, omic technologies and big data technologies.

Project reference

R+D Project from INNOAPAT RIS3CAT Food Community


Programme and call for tender

Project cofounded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) under the FEDER Catalonia Operative Programme 2014-2020.