Project Description


Rewastee project aims to provide the sustainable construction market with a unique and sustainable thermos-acoustic material from Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) waste, a residue from the metallurgy industry.

The Rewastee solution will contribute to a better energetic efficiency in the construction sector and a reduction of the residue management’s economic costs and its environmental impact. The innovative material has been designed and validated for multiple applications such as sound insulation boards, multilayer wall partitions, underflooring and other uses in which thermal inertia and acoustic insulation are needed.

Rewastee is a European project lasting 3 years funded by the European Union’s Eco-Innovation initiative (ECO/13/630286), part of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP), developed by 7 partners.

General details


REWASTEE– Recycling steel making solid wastes for added value energy efficiency building products

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Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the European Union’s Eco-Innovation programme.