The Eurecat technology centre is taking part in the LIFE BIOGASNET project that will develop a technology to improve the quality of the biogas produced in waste treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the energy cycle and promote the circular economy.

“Increasing the number and improving the sustainability of energy recovery technologies, especially in the case of fully or partially renewable energies such as biogas, is a present and future need to meet climate change challenges and for effective implementation of new circular economy models,” says Frederic Clarens, Director of Eurecat’s Waste, Energy and Environmental Impact Unit.

“It is crucial to show that current technology already makes it possible to recover resources such as nutrients and organic matter in wastewater and waste,” adds Xavier Martinez-Lladó, Director of Eurecat’s Water, Air and Soil Unit. In the case of LIFE BIOGASNET this means generating “a bio-fuel with similar features to fossil fuels but with a much lower environmental impact.”