The seventh edition of the ICT-oriented TurisTIC Forum will discuss the strategic changes that information and communications technologies (ICT) offer the tourism industry. The 2018 Barometer of Digital Maturity in Spain gave the industry’s level of digitalization a score of 56 points, only placing it behind financial services (74 points), telecommunications (72 points) and technology (69 points).

The aim of the TurisTIC Forum is to explore the ways in which the tourism industry is adapting the needs of businesses in line with digital transformation in order to improve processes, service levels, effectiveness and customer relations and create new business models. The Forum, which is organized by the Eurecat technology centre, will take place on 26 March at the CaixaForum Auditorium and is to be led by Patrick Torrent, the CEO of the Catalan Tourist Board.

According to Joan Borràs, the ICT and Tourism Manager at Eurecat’s Department of Innovation in Tourism, “the new paradigm for the industry with regard to the implementation of ICT requires strategic adaptation on the part of companies. Digital transformation and the application of new technologies offer improved service to the end client and have the potential to make the industry more productive and competitive within today’s context of change”.