The Catalan firm 8wires and the Eurecat technology centre have been chosen to take part in a European project designed to improve the preparation of patients over the age of 65 before undergoing surgery. The firm and the technology centre have each been allocated €1.2 million to develop in conjunction with medical staff two apps which help patients to kick smoking and drinking alcohol before going under the knife. This would reduce potential complications by 50%.

8wires and Eurecat have been supported in this project by ACCIÓ, the agency for business competitiveness in the Ministry of Business and Knowledge, through advice from its Innovation Public Procurement programme and also the Foreign Trade and Investment Office in Copenhagen as the project is led by a Swedish healthcare institution.

The programme is called LIVE INCITE and involves a number of European hospitals. It is co-funded by the European Commission. As part of the project, the Catalan firm and technology centre have developed two digital solutions which include mobile apps for patients who are to undergo hip or knee surgery. The solutions help them to cut out unhealthy habits before their operation so that they are better prepared for it.