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Eurecat trials assistive robot which can hold a conversation, provide personalised care and guide an exercise routine

2024-03-13T11:29:56+01:00February 27th, 2024|Autonomous and professional robotics, E-Health, Fires, Health, Press Notes|

The Eurecat technology centre is this week showcasing at the Mobile World Congress an assistive robot which helps people at home with a range of daily tasks and can hold a conversation and offer personalised care to users based on monitoring their state of health or mood, furnishing for example instructions for an exercise [...]

Eurecat and Althaia develop personalised medicine digital app providing health advice and monitoring chronic patients

2023-12-15T12:29:58+01:00October 2nd, 2023|Consulting, E-Health, Food, Nutrition and Health, Press Notes|

Monitoring the physical exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist, communicating via chat with the medical team, remembering medication and scheduled medical visits and giving tailored recommendations on health and wellbeing anchored in artificial intelligence: these are just some of the features of a new personalised digital health app developed by the Eurecat technology centre in conjunction [...]

Experts stress the significance of bringing together clinical and technological visions of the patient in order to address healthcare challenges

2023-05-18T14:30:00+02:00October 4th, 2022|E-Health, Events, Nutrition and Health, Press Notes|

At the XPAtient Barcelona Congress, experts underlined the importance of putting the patient at the centre of healthcare strategy as showcased by the solutions and technologies presented at the event which deliver a multidisciplinary approach and participatory methodologies. The congress has highlighted “the need to factor in the clinician and technologist visions to meet [...]

Healthcare and social robotics to ease transition from hospitals to homes

2023-05-18T14:32:49+02:00September 29th, 2022|Autonomous and professional robotics, E-Health, Events, Press Notes|

The XPAtient Barcelona Congress has today showcased in Barcelona the breakthroughs in healthcare robotics and underlined the significant role it will play in the coming years in social and healthcare centres and home care alike with the backing of robotic platforms which will ease the transition from hospitals to homes. The seventh edition of this [...]

Robots equipped with interfaces that will facilitate conversation with patients, a growing trend in health and social care

2022-10-17T14:48:37+02:00May 24th, 2022|E-Health, Events, Fires, Press Notes|

Robots equipped with multimodal interfaces in speech, conversation and other communicative elements that facilitate natural and empathetic patient interaction ‘will take on a growing role to complement both in-person and remote health and social care, making it sustainable’. This is how it was explained by Felip Miralles, the director of the Eurecat technology centre’s [...]

New digital platform powered by artificial intelligence to enable monitoring people’s mobility and the risk of falls

2022-04-17T22:51:20+02:00March 1st, 2022|E-Health, Fires, Health, Press Notes|

This week the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is showcasing a digital platform developed by Ephion Health which will make it possible to tap artificial intelligence to monitor the functional state of patients in terms of mobility. It has a number of applications including assessing the risk of falls in elderly people with signs [...]

MWC showcases new app for home eye exams

2022-03-14T09:58:18+01:00February 28th, 2022|E-Health, Fires, Health, Press Notes|

At this year’s Mobile World Congress the Eurecat technology centre is showcasing a new app developed in conjunction with the Salut Empordà Foundation which can be used to conduct ophthalmological tests without visiting a specialist and find out the risk of developing a sight problem. The project is called eVisió and helps patients “to [...]

Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya and Eurecat reach agreement to pool resources in scientific research and technology development in healthcare

2022-04-17T17:41:38+02:00February 17th, 2022|Corporatiu, E-Health, Health, Press Notes|

Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya in conjunction with the Projects and Continuous Improvement department has inked a framework partnership agreement with the Eurecat technology centre for undertaking scientific research and technological development in healthcare. The accord provides for cooperation in running research projects and programmes and working together on technical and commercial aspects, including sponsoring [...]

New system powered by deep learning makes it possible to detect Covid-19 lesions by analysing CT chest scans

2021-12-02T10:21:10+01:00December 1st, 2021|E-Health, Health, Press Notes|

Researchers at the Eurecat technology centre, the Computer Vision Centre (CVC) and the University of Barcelona (UB) have developed an automated system that taps into deep learning technology to detect lesions caused by Covid-19 by reading computed tomography (CT) chest images. The study, conducted by researchers Giuseppe Pezzano, Vicent Ribas, Petia Radeva and Oliver Díaz, [...]

Eurecat, Sant Joan de Déu Hospital and The Collider set up Ephion Health, a pioneer in using artificial intelligence to monitor the progress of patients with diseases which impinge on their mobility

2022-04-18T00:09:12+02:00November 9th, 2021|E-Health, Health, Press Notes|

The Eurecat technology centre, Sant Joan de Déu Hospital and The Collider, the innovation programme of Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital), have set up Ephion Health. The company will market the first digital platform using artificial intelligence to monitor the progress of patients with diseases and conditions that impinge on their mobility, estimated to account for at least [...]

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