Cybersecurity-related technologies and virtual reality tied to the user experience, smart cities and digital twins will be prominent at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress, where artificial intelligence will take centre stage with applications in various sectors, especially in health and nutrition, sustainability and industry.

Eugenia Fuenmayor, scientific director of Eurecat’s Digital Area, says that alongside mobile devices and connectivity solutions, which are the largest part of the event, there will also be “AI applications with software solutions, medical devices, wearables and robotics to improve nutritional habits, postures and performance in sports, coupled with patient help and care and support for the elderly or people with physiological or cognitive limitations.”

Other key applications in the healthcare sector on show at the Mobile World Congress will be “smart tools for discovering new drugs, smart and predictive disease diagnosis and automatic treatment recommenders.”

She adds that AI will also be in solutions for the industrial and manufacturing sectors, sustainability, entertainment, smart cities and in the financial industry, mainly “through applications in robotics, virtual reality, the metaverse and recommenders and predictors tapping data analytics.”

Virtual reality “will additionally be baked into the user experience and operate as a demonstrator of solutions for technical challenges such as the efficiency of broadband networks and sending videos” embedded in solutions for the media industry, entertainment and smart cities and digital twin applications.

Finally, she notes that “another germane technology which is and will always be there when it comes to communications is cybersecurity in mobile and fixed networks alike.”