AI & Big Data Congress in Barcelona to address advances in generative artificial intelligence and its impact on business

2023-07-20T12:59:42+02:00June 19th, 2023|Big Data, ICT, Press Notes|

The AI & Big Data Congress is to unpack the latest developments and trends in artificial intelligence and their impact on business at the ninth event to be held on 27-28 September in Barcelona, for which registration is now open. Generative AI will play a prominent role at the congress which will explore its technological [...]

The habit of continuous study was more widespread during lockdown. Why should students persist with it?

2023-05-30T18:01:29+02:00May 30th, 2023|Big Data, ICT, Press Notes|

According to a study by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), the Eurecat technology centre and the Autonomous University of Madrid, published as open access in PLoS ONE, students worked more continuously during the pandemic, which led to an improvement in their results. The data analysis conducted over five academic years shows that continuous [...]

AI & Big Data Congress targets collaboration between artificial intelligence and people

2023-05-18T14:19:38+02:00October 28th, 2022|Big Data, ICT, Press Notes|

Speaking on day two of the AI & Big Data Congress, David Malkin, Cogent Labs’ product management director, argued that businesses need to include people in the data validation process for machine learning and artificial intelligence models through “an interaction interface between humans and the AI system which enables them to validate data and [...]

Artificial intelligence poised to bring forward solutions to health, energy and water management challenges

2023-05-18T14:21:04+02:00October 26th, 2022|Big Data, ICT, Press Notes|

Artificial intelligence applications are extremely wide-ranging and run from personalised medicine and managing an epidemic such as Covid-19 to solutions for cutting energy costs or streamlining water resource management. This is because they can generate consistent conclusions by tapping a wide variety of data sources, as was showcased today at the AI & Big [...]

Eurecat talks at BNEW about how to grasp the technological transformations of Economy 4.0

2023-05-18T14:31:35+02:00October 3rd, 2022|Cultural and Creative Industries, Events, Fires, Food, Health, ICT, Press Notes, Public Sector, Sport, Textile|

The Eurecat technology centre is taking part in the 3rd Barcelona New Economy Week (BNEW) from 3-6 October, an event hosted by the Zona Franca Consortium which brings together experts in technological and economic transformation to explore cutting-edge topics in progress towards Economy 4.0. Eurecat experts are to share [...]

Three artificial intelligence projects underway to unlock environmental sustainability

2023-05-18T14:41:01+02:00August 4th, 2022|ICT, Press Notes|

Climate change and digital transformation are two of humanity’s greatest challenges. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and cloud computing have enormous potential to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to safeguard biodiversity, manage agricultural land use more efficiently and ensure water availability to name just a few areas of application. It was against this [...]

Project to combat misinformation and disinformation through innovative data use

2023-05-18T14:44:21+02:00July 20th, 2022|Big Data, Data Science, ICT, Press Notes|

The Eurecat technology centre is taking part in the MediaFutures project, a European hub which has just announced a call for start-ups, SMEs and artists to present new ideas addressing the challenges posed by misinformation and disinformation through innovative data use. The call will be open until 30 August. It offers up to €40,000 in [...]

Artificial intelligence envisages new scenarios in clinical diagnostic support, traffic accident risk prediction and changing tourism patterns

2023-05-18T14:46:36+02:00July 11th, 2022|Big Data, Data Science, ICT, Press Notes|

The Centre of Innovation for Data tech and Artificial Intelligence (CIDAI) has unveiled in Barcelona the results of three groundbreaking projects in the application of artificial intelligence conducted in Catalonia in three fields. They are support for clinical diagnosis, assessment and prediction of the risk of traffic accidents on roads in and between built-up [...]

The European Commission will allocate EUR 2.8 million to DIH4CAT, selected as one of Europe’s SME digital transformation hubs

2022-10-17T14:41:46+02:00June 20th, 2022|ICT, Press Notes, Smart Management Systems|

The European Commission has selected the Catalan public-private consortium DIH4CAT, of which Eurecat is part, as one of the EU hubs responsible for the digital transformation of SMEs. DIH4CAT thus becomes one of the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) with the aim of contributing to getting 75 per cent of European SMEs to have [...]

European consortium identifies shortcomings to remedy gender inequalities in transport

2022-04-17T22:52:40+02:00March 8th, 2022|Big Data, ICT, Press Notes|

A European consortium coordinated by the Eurecat technology centre has developed tools, protocols and guides to support inclusion and gender equality in the transport and mobility industry by assessing the needs of its users and staff from a gender perspective and tapping big data and machine learning. The Diamond project is designed to gather and [...]

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