The Eurecat technological centre (a member of Tecnio) combines technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) in multiple fields, like water management, industry, the agro food sector, energy, mobility and aeronautics, to contribute to the ability of companies to take more informed decisions to increase their competitiveness.

To present the solutions they have developed, Eurecat is attending the IoT Solutions World Congress trade fair, an event which is held in the framework of Barcelona Industry Week, until 31 October.

Digital enhancing technologies “open the door to the creation of innovative solutions based on the combination of Artificial Intelligence and data analysis”, contributing “to sustainable management based on anticipating situations thanks to predictive analysis of the information gathered”, explains the Director of Digital Technologies at Eurecat, Joan Mas.

“The integration of solutions allows for more precise management and decision taking based on new knowledge obtained by these technologies”, a fact that “impacts directly on better maintenance of facilities, use of resources and staff training”, adds the Director of the Intelligent Management Systems Unit at Eurecat, Gabriel Anzaldi.

In this respect the Director of the Robotics and Automation Unit at Eurecat, Pepa Sedó, highlights that “thanks to autonomous robots we can gather data in places which are difficult, or might be dangerous for people, to access”.