The Eurecat technology centre has developed a new process harnessing membrane technologies to treat liquid effluents from industrial processes and promote saving and recovering water and resources which can be reused in industrial operations. It is on show for the first time at the Advanced Factories trade fair at Fira Barcelona.

They are cutting-edge solutions in advanced membrane technologies for effluent treatment whose operation makes it possible to reduce water usage and apply the circular economy to filter and recover both water and materials that can then be used again in industrial value chain processes.

Eurecat is testing “new state-of-the-art water treatment processes to streamline resource consumption in industry, enhance resource use and make businesses more competitive,” says Xavier Martínez, director of Eurecat’s Water, Air and Soil Unit.

The technology centre has devised “strategic solutions to push forward sustainability in industrial operations and meet the challenges of industry and society,” adds Eva Fité, Head of Business Development Manufacturing at Eurecat,

In the circular economy, the technology centre is also showcasing centrifugal atomisation technology to recover and valorise critical raw materials found in metal waste coupled with solutions for valorising plastic and polymer by-products in processes for getting new materials with enhanced properties.

As for industrial decarbonisation technologies, Eurecat is presenting at Advanced Factories a number of solutions including a proton exchange membrane electrolyser for making hydrogen from water, a V-type tank designed, manufactured and validated for storing hydrogen gas whose permeability properties have been improved for its use in the aeronautics industry developed as part of the Hidrogenia project, and carbon dioxide capture technologies.