Today at the Blockchain for Catalonia (BxCat) fair, the Eurecat technology centre has presented the opportunities blockchain technology and virtual assets, i.e. NFTs, bring to companies to create new business models and generate new services or products. This has included success stories in multi-sector projects such as developing a platform for digital sports trophies and a collection tied to art and science run out of Girona.

Specifically, the Eurecat technology centre is leading the GENOMA 23 project, together with its founder and creative director Juan Roldan, which blends genomics and digital art in NFTs drawing on people’s DNA by harnessing blockchain technology. The project, a trailblazer in its category, has broken new ground in merging technology and the visual arts.

“The development of the metaverse is spurring technologies such as blockchain,” says Juan Caubet, director of Eurecat’s IT&OT Security Unit. “This enables companies to work on innovations and projects to safeguard and manage digital identity, user authentication, building collections of NFTs and traceability and information generated by manufacturing and supply chains across many sectors including the cultural and creative industries, sports, logistics and critical infrastructure.”

At the third edition of the fair held at the Girona Conference Centre Auditorium, Eurecat also unveiled the technological platform it has developed with Flow’s blockchain network which enables Blovize to manage digital sports trophies in NFT so that athletes can share their achievements from any device.

This innovative initiative features unalterable and certified information records derived from the use of blockchain technology. “This makes it possible to efficiently save in a single place, on the Blovize platform or in the athlete’s own wallet, all the sports events trophies and results which have achieved with so much hard work and are often scattered or even lost over the years,” notes Xavi Catasús, head of Health, Sports and Food Business Development at Eurecat.

Juan Caubet, director of Eurecat’s IT&OT Security Unit, is also giving a presentation at the fair on the opportunities that asset tokenisation and NFTs as units of value which are assigned to a business model bring for companies. Meanwhile, Maria Fuentes, Eurecat’s market manager in Girona, is to talk about the Girona innovation ecosystem and blockchain technology’s potential in the business community and society.