The Eurecat technology centre (a member of Tecnio) has developed eKauri, a remote-support platform that uses information sent from small ambient sensors to establish behavioural patterns based on the daily activities of senior citizens or dependent individuals. The aim of the platform is to provide new tools that can support the decision-making processes of the caregiver.

“This simple solution can be deployed in a residential setting as a means of personalizing care and helping to improve caregiver efficiency while offering as much independence as possible to the resident”, explained Felip Miralles, Eurecat’s director of eHealth, at Barcelona’s Interdisciplinary Conference on Senior Care Homes.

“The eKauri platform uses sensors, data analysis and the study of behavioural patterns to learn the daily routines of its users, with the aim of detecting changes in their routines or identifying situations of risk. This makes it the ideal tool for promoting greater independence and a more personalized approach to care for people living in care homes”, Miralles added.