Hesperia Hotels & Resorts has teamed up with top chefs Jon Giraldo and Jaime Lieberman to open OVNEW, a new experiential restaurant located in the iconic dome at the Hesperia Barcelona Tower Hotel. In this unique gastronomic space, which opens today, more than 60 speakers provide a fully immersive experience thanks to the Sfëar 3D sound technology developed by the Eurecat technology centre.

The speakers are equipped with Sfëar technology and distributed throughout the dome. They have been integrated into decorative elements and even placed underneath the tables. The aim is to provide a three-dimensional audio accompaniment to the culinary journey offered by the restaurant through different geographical areas and historical periods, such as Gaia, Arabia, Amazonia, Asia and Europe.

“OVNEW is the first major permanent installation of 3D audio with Sfëar technology”, declared Adan Garriga, who is the director of Eurecat’s Audiovisual Technologies Unit and the head of the Sfëar Project.