The team made up of researchers from the Eurecat, AINIA (Valencia Region), CTAG (Galicia), CTAEX (Extremadura), AIN (Navarra) and CARTIF (Castilla y León) technology centres received a special mention in the Challenge set by Enagás at Meetech Spain 2023 for their idea based on printing smart graphene sensors on adhesive tape which would be placed on pipeline joints to prevent gas emissions.

In the Challenge put forward by Enagás, the Spanish gas system carrier and technical manager, nearly 100 researchers and technologists worked in twelve multidisciplinary teams to develop an innovative solution for detecting, mitigating and quantifying emissions from the infrastructures used to transport natural gas.

On 18-19 May, Meetech Spain 2023 provided a showcase for the capabilities of Spanish technology centres which also discussed R&D and innovation challenges and opportunities and fostered cooperation between ecosystem stakeholders.

The Meetech Spain Technology Showroom displayed 200 R&D and innovation developments and projects by technology centres in sectors as diverse as healthcare, agri-food, aeronautics and industry featuring technologies including additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, IoT sensors and blockchain. The 28 booths set up at the event presented cross-disciplinary technologies developed by the technology centres as a result of their involvement in European and national projects or in partnerships with businesses. This cross-cutting approach was accompanied by circularity and sustainability as the key factors shared by the initiatives outlined.

The Meetech panel discussions also addressed the Spanish R&D and innovation ecosystem’s challenges and opportunities. These range from the results of the Cervera Technology Transfer Programme to the impact of the centres’ operations, their role in industrialisation and economic transformation, R&D and innovation proposals to make Spain more competitive as a country and the keys to communicating innovation.