The Eurecat technology centre, a member of Tecnio, has created a mobile app for monitoring the sound insulation of buildings and has also tested the effectiveness of drones for performing structural inspections on infrastructure and construction projects. The initiatives form part of the Built2Spec project, which has developed a series of innovative technologies to help professionals in the construction industry inspect buildings themselves in real time, using systems that are more economical and sustainable.

In the case of the mobile app, the new technology will make it possible to perform sound insulation inspections “quickly, easily and cheaply, without the need for a conventional sound level meter – which are very expensive and difficult to use for non-experts”, explained Carles Rubio, who works in Eurecat’s Department of Integrated Projects and Laboratories and is the technology centre’s representative in the Built2Spec project.

The app requires a smartphone connected to an external microphone, and guides the user via a series of instruction screens that are designed to enable the user to calculate the sound insulation rating for the finished infrastructure or construction project in question.