The Eurecat technology centre (a member of Tecnio) and the companies TRC (Thermal Recycling Composites) and MENZOLIT have taken home the prize for “Best Example of Successful Collaboration in the Circular Economy” at this year’s ChemPlast Awards. The accolade was given in recognition of their work in recycling carbon fibres from discarded composites and using them to generate new, lighter materials for industrial applications in the transport industry.

María Eugenia Rodríguez, the director of Eurecat’s Composites Unit, collected the award at the prize-giving ceremony and delivered the following statement: “At Eurecat we are working hard to find the best solution for dealing with these waste materials. We are adopting a number of different R&D-based approaches that focus on reusing these substances to develop new plastic materials with additional properties, and which give a new lease of life to reinforcing fibres by using them to manufacture composites”.

“Much of the waste generated by industry is taken to landfill or used for energy generation, which has a significant environmental impact and incurs considerable costs for companies. For this reason, Eurecat is seeking solutions that enable greater performance by achieving an optimum balance between technical quality and production costs for the new recycled material”, Rodríguez added.