The Eurecat technology centre is presenting this week at the Mobile World Congress a headband developed together with Time is Brain to record brain activity in real time during an acute stroke and predict complications early on.

The innovation is part of the BraiN20® portable medical device which provides the patient with “quicker access to endovascular treatment while also making it possible to monitor the procedure and assist the specialist doctor who performs it and identify complications early on,” says Alicia Martínez, CEO of Time is Brain.

In partnership with Eurecat, it has developed “the headband for fixing the electrodes on the patient’s head, which are fitted with gel dispensers that ensure fast distribution of the liquid needed to read neural electrical activity,” adds Maite Iriondo, project manager in Eurecat’s Product Innovation and Multiphysics Simulation Unit.

Plus the device “can be put in place easily and quickly, which enhances its usability at times of utmost emergency, while its ergonomic and flexible design means it can be adapted to each patient,” she points out.

Stroke affects more than 12 million people each year and is the second leading cause of death worldwide and the leading medical cause of disability according to the World Stroke Organisation.

You can view the video of the innovation here