The ICTS OmicsTech at its Omic Sciences Centre node, a joint unit of the URV and Eurecat, has installed a new high-resolution Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid mass spectrometer from Thermo Scientific that is an essential tool for metabolomics and proteomics research, as this high-resolution system detects a wide range of compounds, peptides and small molecules in targeted and non-targeted analyses, without losing selectivity and sensitivity.

The equipment has been financed with almost 1 million euros by the public aid for Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS) by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and by the Next Generation funds of the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Mechanism in the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

The equipment installed is a high-resolution instrument that combines three mass analysers, quadrupole, ion trap and Orbitrap, and is an essential tool for metabolomics and proteomics research in the fields of life sciences, biomedicine, agri-food and environment.

Orbitrap mass spectrometers offer excellent mass resolution (FWHM) >1,000,000 at m/z 200 and mass accuracy below 1 ppm in one compact, easy-to-use instrument.