Strengthening and improvement of the chain of SMEs and their business organisations associated with the construction sector, which have or want to have an offer of sustainable products.

The AL-INVEST Verde Construcción project promotes, trains and implements circular economy practices inspired by successful experiences in Europe.

AL-INVEST Verde Construcción is carried out in the Metropolitan Region and the Los Lagos Region (Chile), although companies from neighbouring regions related to the construction sector can participate.

The project works with two main types of SMEs: providers of products and services with sustainable attributes, with a particular focus on suppliers of raw construction materials, and offices of architects and engineers, who lament the lack of sustainable product offerings. for the realization of circular designs.

In this sense, AL-INVEST Verde Construcción seeks to promote the articulation and linkage of SMEs of sustainable products and services (construction raw material) with SMEs associated with the construction design and engineering stage.

Eurecat participates in this project through its Environmental Impact Line within the Waste, Energy and Environmental Impact Unit, which generates material related to the circular economy in construction.

For its part, the Consulting Department develops a self-diagnosis web tool for measuring circularity in SMEs associated with the construction sector.

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AL-INVEST Verde Construcción – Articulation and development of sustainable business models led by SMEs, with an offer of sustainable products and services benefiting the Chilean construction sector in its transition to a circular economy

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Project funded by the AL-INVEST Verde program of the European Union