The COOPHS project has kicked off. Project partners have met in Manresa (Spain) on July 19th 2023, aiming to enhance low CO2 steel production for the automotive sector through the development of more sustainable processing methodologies.

During the meeting, which was assisted by a representative of the RFCS project officer, all partners presented their entity and an outline of the tasks to be carried out during the project.

The COOPHS project focuses on evaluating how eco-friendly steel processing affects the performance of ultrahigh strength Press Hardened Steels (PHS). By delving into the influence of residual elements in press hardening steel, the project seeks to enhance low CO2 steel production for the automotive sector, ultimately advancing the industry’s environmental and technological standards by minimising CO2 emissions.

The project, coordinated by Eurecat Technology Centre of Catalonia, is participated by six entities, including actors from the steel industry, the automotive safety sector and research organisations: ArcelorMittal, Gestamp HardTech Ab, Letomec, Aix-Marseille University, the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and ALBA-CELLS.