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Eurecat targets technological innovation for more efficient water use and reuse

2024-06-05T11:40:38+02:00March 20th, 2024|Aigua aire sols, Press Notes, Sustainability|

The Eurecat technology centre is targeting technological innovation to cut water use while also stepping up the availability of water resources by harnessing solutions for optimising water use efficiency and driving reuse and desalination to lessen reliance on conventional water sources, especially during periods of prolonged drought such as the current one. Since 2015, [...]

New Eurecat technology unlocks novel alternative protein ingredients from plant sources, insects, nuts, mushrooms and algae

2024-06-05T11:38:03+02:00March 19th, 2024|Fires, Food, Nutrition and Health, Press Notes|

At the Alimentaria trade fair, the Eurecat technology centre is showcasing fermentation technology as an innovative tool for getting novel ingredients based on alternative protein from plant sources, insects, nuts, mushrooms and algae while also optimising the sensory and nutritional properties of plant-based proteins to help make the agri-food industry more sustainable. With the [...]

Eurecat studies new treatment for obesity and fatty liver disease in menopausal women

2024-06-05T11:33:44+02:00March 14th, 2024|Food, Health, Nutrition and Health, Press Notes|

The Eurecat technology centre is studying the effectiveness of a new therapy based on a multi-ingredient amino acid to ameliorate the impact of obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in the health of menopausal women. Specifically, Eurecat’s Nutrition and Health Unit is to run a three-month nutritional intervention with menopausal women to investigate how [...]

Data-driven technologies and AI key to optimising agricultural sector management

2024-06-05T11:30:51+02:00March 11th, 2024|AAI, Big Data, Press Notes|

The agriculture and livestock sector has new data-driven and artificial intelligence-based digital solutions developed as part of the high-impact projects run by the Centre of Innovation for Data tech and Artificial Intelligence (CIDAI) to optimise management in the industry by harnessing tools to spot patterns in the use of antibiotics on livestock farms and [...]

European Consortium to Study How to Reduce the Impact of Endocrine Disruptors on Pregnancy and Pre-puberty

2024-03-07T17:30:34+01:00March 7th, 2024|Health, Nutrition and Health, Omics sciences, Press Notes|

The European HYPIEND project, coordinated by the Eurecat technology centre, is studying the impact of endocrine disruptors on the hormonal system during pregnancy, the first 18 months of a baby’s life and during pre-puberty to gain the understanding needed to devise strategies to minimise exposure to these chemicals and minimize their adverse effects on [...]

Eurecat trials solutions tapping printed electronics to monitor health and detect pollutants in water

2024-03-13T11:37:09+01:00March 7th, 2024|Fires, Functional Printing, Press Notes|

This week at LOPEC, the preeminent event in printed electronics held in Munich, the Eurecat technology centre is showcasing innovative solutions for medical care, prevention and health monitoring, overseeing water quality and detecting pollutants, and for the new generation of cars with a prototype which has won the best demonstrator award presented at the [...]

Mobile World Congress reaffirms multi-sector role of artificial intelligence and cements its place as a strategic meeting point for start-ups

2024-03-13T11:35:10+01:00March 1st, 2024|Fires, ICT, Press Notes|

The Mobile World Congress is “once more the international meeting point for the digital industry where artificial intelligence has taken centre stage with applications across all sectors” and with a “key role for 4YFN, which on its tenth anniversary has cemented its position as the preeminent venue for the start-up ecosystem,” says Miquel Rey, [...]

VitiGEOSS smart platform drives sustainability in vineyard management

2024-03-13T11:33:06+01:00February 29th, 2024|Fires, Press Notes, Sustainability|

The European VitiGEOSS project has developed an innovative smart platform featuring digital tools for precision viticulture which drive more sustainable vineyard management and the crop’s resilience to climate change which the Eurecat technology centre is showcasing at Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona. “We have developed a single platform which farmers and other service [...]

Eurecat trials assistive robot which can hold a conversation, provide personalised care and guide an exercise routine

2024-03-13T11:29:56+01:00February 27th, 2024|Autonomous and professional robotics, E-Health, Fires, Health, Press Notes|

The Eurecat technology centre is this week showcasing at the Mobile World Congress an assistive robot which helps people at home with a range of daily tasks and can hold a conversation and offer personalised care to users based on monitoring their state of health or mood, furnishing for example instructions for an exercise [...]

MWC showcases headband to record brain activity during acute stroke and predict complications

2024-03-13T11:25:04+01:00February 26th, 2024|Fires, Health, Innovation and product development, Press Notes|

The Eurecat technology centre is presenting this week at the Mobile World Congress a headband developed together with Time is Brain to record brain activity in real time during an acute stroke and predict complications early on. The innovation is part of the BraiN20® portable medical device which provides the patient with “quicker access [...]

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