The Tourism Technology Platform – Thinktur has unveiled at FITURTECHY the e-book “Cybersecurity in the Tourism Industry” brought out by the Tourism Technology Centres Group which includes Eurecat.

Tourism firms are heavily reliant on digital technologies to perform critical business operations such as payment processing, accounting and booking services. This means “they need to be forewarned and ready to ensure they do not fall victim to cyberattacks and cyberincidents,” says Juan Caubet, Eurecat’s director of IT&OT Security, in the chapter on ‘Ransomware in the Tourism Industry’.

The publication sets out the importance of digital security in tourism, an industry which handles an enormous amount of sensitive data and is extremely attractive to cybercriminals. The technology centres therefore decided to share the initiatives and projects they are working on in this field together with their ideas on tourism cybersecurity.

The technology centres Andalucía Lab, Eurecat, ITREM, Invat·tur, ITH, SEGITTUR, Tecnalia, Turistec and Vicomtech have all taken part in drawing up the e-book. The centres have also benefited from the input of experts from collaborating organisations and companies in digital security coupled with institutional backing from the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE).