Barcelona, 20 February 2017The Eurecat technology centre will be showing at the Mobile World Congress how new mobile technologies can contribute to enhancing a healthy lifestyle, by means of an assistant for smartphones that promotes doing sport and a balanced diet among teenagers with a videogame, together with a smart bracelet and a smart T-shirt.

The technology centre takes a project to MWC to “gamify” physical activity and a balanced diet among teenagers.

Young people are the stars at MWC this year, and the Tecnio centre has opted to present a multidisciplinary project with innovations in the field of mobility, wearables and Big Data “to promote healthy habits through technology in a sector of the population for which technology is absolutely natural”, explained Eurecat’s President Mr Xavier Torra.

The application, which was designed by psychologists, medical staff and experts in adaptive interfaces, evaluates twelve key parameters in healthy behaviour, follows up on them and proposes a change in habits: moderate physical activity, the number of steps taken, how users get to school, sedentary time, the quantity and quality of sleep, how much fruit and vegetables users eat, breakfast and the consumption of sugared drinks, fast food and snacks.

Turnover of health business on mobile devices was 17,000 million Euros in 2016 and will grow by 40% over the next five years.

In order to achieve this, the multiplatform project, known as PEGASO-Fit 4 Future, makes use of two wearables to monitor users’ vital signs and link them to a game and a nutritional and physical activity follow-up register on their smartphone.

“PEGASO enables the gamification of a healthy lifestyle for teenagers to make it more attractive”, explained the main project researcher at Eurecat, Silvia Orte. “Bringing together various state-of-the-art technologies lets us see in real time parameters of physical activity, nutrition and sleep, and improve teenagers’ health in a very simple way”, says Orte.

In this regard, the Eurecat eHealth Department has designed the data mining algorithms, which are necessary for recognizing users’ behaviour. The centre also led this field by means of a multidisciplinary team.

Eurecat to demonstrate technologies at MWC that go beyond mobile devices, such as sensorial, Big Data and the IoT

The field of health on mobile devices generated a turnover of 17,000 million Euros in 2016 and a growth of 40% is forecast over the next five years, according to the latest report from consultants SNS Research on the eHealth industry.


Beyond mobile devices

From 27 February to 2 March Eurecat will also be demonstrating its capacities in the field of mobility with the latest innovations in printed electronics, the Internet of Things and bioinformatics at the Mobile World Congress, which gets larger every year and includes technologies beyond mobile devices.

During the congress, the Eurecat stand will also be showing successful cases in Big Data from the Big Data Centre of Excellence Barcelona applied to urban mobility, such as the study on the visitor traffic to the Sagrada Família cathedral, carried out jointly with the City Council of Barcelona, the Mobile World Capital Foundation and Orange.

Still in the field of Big Data, examples will be shown of the use of macrodata for industrial purposes, to improve health and quality of life, and the latest advances in virtual and augmented reality technologies applied to companies in their transformation towards Industry 4.0.

The Internet of Things will also play a major role at the Eurecat stand, where the company will display future technologies that are already starting to be seen in connected domestic appliances and in self-driving cars. The company will also be present at the Drone Zone in the congress, where the industrial capacities of aerial robotics will be on show.

Furthermore, the Mobile World Congress will be displaying innovations in 3D audio Sfëar technology, which was presented by Eurecat last year, and which enables an immersive and interactive experience in cultural industry sectors such as videogames, and which could become the new audio standard, just as stereo did in its time.

STAND AT THE MWC: Hall Congress Square. Stand CS50. N. 11

STAND AT THE DRONE ZONE: Hall 8.0. Stand 8.0D29 / Catalonia Smart Drones

Come and try the smart bracelet and T-shirt and discover how your smartphone can become your ally in taking care of your health.

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