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Cafés Cornellà is a family business that has been roasting coffees since 1920

Its philosophy inspires knowledge, innovation, methodology and demands to obtain the perfect Espresso

Decoding Coffee, is the name of the Cafès Cornellà digital transformation strategy

The search for the best cup of coffee has always been linked at Cafès Cornellà to development and technological innovation to preserve the quality of the coffee in the industry process and coffee shops.

“Decoding coffee” is the name of the digital transformation strategy of Cafès Cornellà. It began in 2010 when the cup of coffee represented the basic process of digitization: from the coffee bean to the Perfect Espresso. In this digital transformation process, we find technologies like IoT, Advanced Data Analytics, Machine Learning; that contribute to creating control panels. All this allows monitoring the materialization of the cups of coffee in the hospitality sector.

Cafés Cornellà was a + PIME project, an initiative of Eurecat with the support of the Generalitat of Catalonia and business entities to bring technological innovation closer to Catalan SMEs.In the European ADMA project framework, Eurecat helps Cafès Cornellà to develop a digital transformation plan to improve the company’s competitiveness through cost optimization and the generation of new business models. It will participate in the final event as ADMA Ambassador.

The Cafès Cornellà digitization project will culminate with the connected cafeteria 4.0.

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Maria Fuentes

Business Development Manager at Girona

Tel. +34 609 347 001