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Development of new creative formats and the enrichment of the contents through data generated by the public during their visit experience and the reading they make of everything around them. The Engagement project aims to improve the satisfaction and experience of users and promote their participation and commitment to the museum, [...]



Creation of a new group with the aim to promote transfer and research in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector as a strategic field with great potential within the ICT area. The FEM-IoT project has been promoted by twelve Catalan research centres and universities that are pioneers in creating IoT solutions [...]



New solutions and tools that allow comparing and choosing between different transport services and promoting public and shared transport. Ride2Rail project aims to integrate multiple (public, private and social) data sets and sources and existing platforms to promote an effective Ride Sharing practice of citizens, making it a complementary transport mode [...]



Innovative and affordable solutions for advanced car body shells manufacturing and lightweight material strategies for railways, innovative doors and train modularity. The CARBODIN project, coordinated by Eurecat, has the objective to contribute to the next generation of passenger trains that will be lighter and more energy and cost efficient than the [...]



Self-diagnosis tool and protocols for obtaining knowledge, recommendations and support on how to achieve a fair gender inclusion in current and future transport systems. DIAMOND project promotes gender inclusion in transport systems through technologies for compiling and analysing data, such as machine learning, data mining and fair algorithms. The data will [...]



The PERSOSER project uses sensor technologies, data analytics and customer engagement activities so that utilities can offer tailor-made services to every customer. PERSOSER will increase transparency in the utilities sector, improve customer relations and increase competitiveness. To achieve this, new customer behaviour analysis models will be created based on the processing [...]



The GENESIS project develops a tool for an intelligent and sustainable control of smart home devices to achieve a better energy efficiency and cost reduction without compromising user comfort levels. During the project, demand prediction algorithms and algorithms for optimization and control of the use of energy are being developed and [...]

AfterDigital Consultants


New digital tools aimed mainly at professionals in the innovation sector, so that their business model can undergo a digital transformation. The AfterDigital Consultants project will provide consultants with advanced tools that will enable them to bring together technological supply and demand and will help businesses to identify potential collaboration opportunities [...]

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