In vitro diagnostic medical device through a Point of Care (PoC) system. The KERASTOP project aims to develop the first clinical test based on scientific evidence for early diagnosis of Keratoconus, a degenerative pathology of the cornea. The innovation of the project consists on the development of a new in vitro [...]



New healthcare platform to improve the wellbeing of patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases by monitoring relevant biochemical parameters in a single drop of blood. The CKDSens project develops a medical device that offers results in 5 minutes and can be used from the doctor’s office or by the patients themselves. [...]



Development of a new system that monitors parameters in elderly and sick people with Parkinson’s in order to enhance the personalization of treatments and improve the quality of life patients. The REVEL-PARK project, which applies IoT technology, collects data from devices such as motion sensors and other environmental parameters, and provides [...]



Innobrain project has the main objective to investigate on new technologies for innovating in rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation treatments for patients with neurodegenerative and psychiatric illnesses. In particular, Innobrain’s solution will be addressed to patients with ABI (acquired brain injury), schizophrenia, dementia and bipolar disorder, some of the most common mental [...]



European innovation digital hub, formed by centres of reference in robotics applied to the health sector to promote and accelerate the implementation of technological innovations in medical assistance. DIH-HERO project develops medical applications in the fields of diagnosis, treatment, assistance and prevention, and other services related with training, maintenance, legal and [...]



Development and validation of a mobile remote monitoring system to detect pre-frailty and frailty in independent senior citizens in order to maintain or encourage activity and physical exercise, thus benefitting their long-term well-being. The project aims to offer subjects an individualised and group-based plan to empower them throughout their life so [...]

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