New digital cloud-based genotype to phenotype platform relying on Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence and using large-scale publicly available and experimental omics datasets. The GLOMICAVE project, coordinated by Eurecat, addresses the need to build systems that allow the use of primary data analytical processes and support large-scale omic experiments, thus [...]



New waste effluent treatment system to convert and recover useful and sustainable resources such as biogas, bio-fertilizers and regenerated water. The LIFE INFUSION project demonstrates and validates a new wastewater treatment purification system, based on the circular economy concept, which allows to recover sustainable resources such as biogas, regenerated water, nutrients [...]



Design, manufacturing and validation of the next generation of battery packs for the automotive mass-market. The MARBEL project develops an innovative and competitive lightweight battery with increased energy density and shorter recharging times with the objective to accelerate the mass market take-up of electric vehicles. The project innovation is based on [...]



Development of an innovative membrane technology and reactor process with high quality of water recycling. The Sub-FO (submerged forward osmosis) project presents a specific configuration which combines the benefits of forward osmosis (FO), such as the high separation performances and low energy requirements, with submerged membrane processes, as the treatment of [...]



Development of large-scale innovation applications for multiple water users and sectors at various relevant scenarios. The B-WaterSmart project has the objective to accelerate the transformation to water-smart economies and societies in coastal Europe and beyond. The project applies a large-scale systemic innovation approach to select, connect and demonstrate a tailored suite [...]



New sustainable products through the transformation of ladle slag into high value-added products. The CYCLO-SLAG project develops an innovative and sustainable solution by transforming ladle slag into high value-added products with the aim to promote a sustainable approach and diversify the industrial sectors and markets for the final products. In this [...]



Creation of synergies between industry and water services to promote the efficient management of resources and value products, through the concept of circular economy. The ULTIMATE project promotes synergies and symbiosis between the industry and public water services with the aim of improving water management, creating economic value and increasing sustainability [...]



Development of a new decontamination technology for highly contaminated soils by petroleum hydrocarbons and heavy metals. The RIBAS project is under the POSIDON initiative which has the objective of promoting innovation for the decontamination of polluted sites and soils. In the framework of the project, 5 European procurers have launched a [...]



Large-scale demonstration of water-smart and efficient management systems to promote a circular economy and society. The WATER-MINING project aims to aims to be an example for social embedding of innovative solutions in a wide spectrum of technology applications. WATER-MINING provides examples for real-world implementation of the Water Framework Directive to help [...]



Radical innovations to recover minerals and metals from seawater desalination brines. The SEA4VALUE project, coordinated by Eurecat, has the objective to develop a Multi-mineral Modular Brine Mining Process (MMBMP) for the recovery of valuable metals and minerals from brines produced in sea-water desalination plants (SWDP). The innovation promoted by the project [...]

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