Audiovisual Technologies



Privacy-compliant health data as a service for artificial intelligence (AI) development. The PHASE IV AI project advances the current state of data synthesis methods towards a more generalized approach to synthetic health data generation. The initiative develops metrics for testing and validation, as well as protocols that allow the generation of [...]

EIT Culture & Creativity


Knowledge and innovation community designed to strengthen and transform Europe’s Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI). The EIT Culture & Creativity initiative, promoted by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), connects creatives and organisations to Europe’s largest innovation network. The objectives of the EIT Culture & Creativity are: [...]



Design of a pruning shears prototype to improve the competitiveness of the wine sector. The VIPO project creates a technological solution to facilitate, through a virtual reality training tool, the incorporation of qualified personnel into vineyard tasks, contributing to improving the competitiveness of the wine sector. VIPO designs a pruning shears [...]



Development of a digital therapeutic intervention to treat acute stress. The THERASONAR project promotes a solution to combat acute stress made up of a back-office platform for professionals and a mobile application for final patients, preventing them from becoming chronic. To do this, THERASONAR develops a voice analysis technology using algorithms capable of [...]



The main objective of the PROPERS project is to evaluate the feasibility of different technologies and digital resources to empower the consumer, through a digital prescriber, to improve their experience at different times of regular consumption, in addition to providing them a differential value through the company's communication. To this end, [...]

QR Connecting consumer


Technical feasibility study of the use of different technologies to improve the connection and dialogue with the retail and foodservice consumer. The QR Connecting consumer project has evaluated the possibility of using QR codes in the food sector to provide the final consumer with additional information and additional content about the [...]



Improving the abilities of gamers through a feasibility study of the development and application of performance measurement tools and physical and psychological processes. The eSports-LAB project is born with the aim of carrying out a feasibility study on the development and application of performance measurement tools and physical and psychological processes [...]



Network of excellence in data-based enabling technologies. The AI4ES project is born with the vision of becoming the Spanish benchmark in research, development and transfer of those digital technologies that allow intelligent data processing and analysis. The objective of AI4ES is to promote the economy based on data and artificial intelligence [...]



Development of an immersive online social space based on extended reality through a machine learning agent. The GuestXR project aims to create an immersive online social space through extended reality, where the focus is on the existence of a machine learning agent called "The Guest", which can facilitate interaction between participants [...]



Innovative neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence technologies applied to the design of new food products. The CIEN CONOCE project applies disruptive technologies in the field of neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence, with the aim of deepening the consumer’s knowledge and perception of multisensory stimuli, developing innovative food products adapted to their needs and [...]

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