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The Möbius project contributes to a renewed and invigorated European publishing sector by providing tools and methodologies which leverage the potential of prosumers in innovation processes to guarantee user-centric and user-driven perspectives in the design and delivery of new enriched media experiences. Möbius is developing a prosumer intelligence toolkit for supporting [...]



Innovative software infrastructure that allows the evaluation of the image quality for deep learning segmentation and classification algorithms. The Framework project has the objective to design and develop a new software infrastructure which allows the evaluation of images quality for deep learning segmentation and classification algorithms, allowing the quality measurement of [...]



Assets4Rail project applies cutting-edge technology such as ground penetrating radar, artificial vision and autonomous vehicles to monitor possible defects of the tunnels, as well as the geography and wear of the roads and the noise and vibrations of the bridges with the purpose of obtaining more secure and profitable infrastructures and [...]



New protocol for designers and marketing agencies that allow creating a more connected design and improving the user experience. The ZINKCAT project develops new technology-based tools addressed to professionals in the cultural industries and encourages research into new ways of innovation to personalise experiences and contents through data analysis. ZINKCAT creates [...]



Development of a new platform that allows augmented and interactive reality experiences. The MIRONINS project aims to redesign the cultural experience involved in visiting a museum, through the transmedia narrative, gamification and the use of new technologies. MIRONINS develops a new platform that allows augmented and interactive reality experiences to create [...]



Creation of an innovative audiovisual production and consumption system focused on a new form of audiovisual narration based on omnidirectional video. The ViVIM project develops a new audiovisual format based on omnidirectional video that offers end users a coherent audiovisual experience on virtual reality devices, tablets and traditional televisions. ViVIM includes [...]



Innovative models and tools for recommending audiovisual and editorial content to improve the users experience. The PICAE project develops new models and analytical tools for recommending audiovisual and editorial content with the aim of improving the user experience, based on their profile and environment, and the level of satisfaction and loyalty. [...]

RIS3CAT Media Community


The RIS3CAT Media Community is a group of 34 companies and agents from the cultural and creative industries (ICC) working and collaborating to promote and enhance an R+D+I action plan, with the aim to promote Catalonia as an international reference in the development of strategies that boost innovation, based on the [...]



Innovative and affordable solutions for advanced car body shells manufacturing and lightweight material strategies for railways, innovative doors and train modularity. The CARBODIN project, coordinated by Eurecat, has the objective to contribute to the next generation of passenger trains that will be lighter and more energy and cost efficient than the [...]

Multichanel Codec for 3D audio


The Multichanel Codec for 3D audio project has the objective of designing a new method for efficiently encoding/decoding (codec) and encapsulating 3D audio information stored into a proprietary file format. The new system will be built extending existing stereo free compression algorithms to multichannel in order to support 3D audio signals [...]

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