AfterDigital Consultants


New digital tools aimed mainly at professionals in the innovation sector, so that their business model can undergo a digital transformation. The AfterDigital Consultants project will provide consultants with advanced tools that will enable them to bring together technological supply and demand and will help businesses to identify potential collaboration opportunities [...]



MoTiV’s (Mobility and Time Value) project main goal is to contribute to advance research on VTT, the value of travel time, by introducing and validating a conceptual framework for the estimation of VTT through a European-wide data collection. The MoTiV solution plans to develop a smartphone app, named WOORTI, to compile [...]



European reference platform in order to help MSMEs validate their compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation by designing and implementing easy-to-use and affordable tools. SMOOTH platform technological development and innovation is built upon several existing techniques, combining advanced technology in the area of machine learning, text mining, data mining and web and mobile apps, to [...]



The HATCH project creates an online reference platform dedicated to space research. It will make the findings of the European space projects available to a wide group of users, encourage greater collaboration and partnerships between the different agents of the field and generate interest in space exploration. The web portal will [...]



New, more efficient and sustainable urban mobility system through the integration of Big Data and crowdsourcing with a reputation system defined by users. The Social Car project simplifies the travel experience of users by integrating the public and private transport, as well as Carpooling, into a single mobility solution. This 36-month project [...]



TYPES (Towards transparency and privacy in the online advertising business) promotes solutions to protect users privacy through technologies and tools that will guarantee transparency, preserve privacy and define privacy solutions. The project also focuses on the incentive of users to control how service providers for advertising purposes use their data. The [...]



The main objective of UNIKO is an innovative social research assistance platform that allows for increased research efficiency, providing the researchers with a tool that facilitates the search for and processing of entry data, covering all possible sources: from other research projects to direct feedback from the people that make up society [...]

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