Metallic and Ceramic Materials



Adaptive laser beam for additive manufacturing. The ALABAMA project develops and matures adaptive laser technologies for laser metal deposition (LMD) processes with either powder or wire as feedstock material. The objective is to decrease the porosity and to tailor the microstructure of the deposited material by shaping the laser beam, both [...]



New technology for the generation of green hydrogen. The H-LEAF project develops a PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolyser based on a new national patented technology. H-LEAF focuses on the research of new scalable and sustainable components, coatings, materials and processes to overcome current limitations in the provision of materials for hydrogen [...]



Zero emission electric vehicles enabled by harmonised circularity. The ZEvRA project improves the circularity of light-duty electric vehicles (EVs) throughout their entire value chain, from materials supply and manufacturing to end-of-life (EoL) processes. To do so, ZEvRA develops a Design for Circularity (DfC) methodology and a holistic circularity assessment aimed at [...]



Research, study and demonstration of strategies to obtain profitable metal spare parts in additive manufacturing processes for the automotive industry. The SPAR3D project focuses on additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing, a disruptive technology that is increasingly used in the manufacturing and repair of metal parts. SPAR3D proposes an integrated process [...]



Development of new ester-based oils and additives, as well as lubrication strategies for electric mobility. The 2E4GREEN project boosts a smart-lubrication strategy based on the selective activation of microencapsulated additives to reduce friction and wear, increase lubricant efficiency and extend service life. It does so by taking into account both the [...]



Development of advanced surface treatment equipment for functional enhancement of dental implant components. The main objective of the EQUIDENTAL project is the development of low cost, simple, flexible and modular surface treatment equipment addressed to manufacturers of dental implants and surgical tools. The technological innovation of the project is based on: [...]



Recovery of Critical Raw Materials, manufacturing of products with Secondary Raw Materials and traceability of their composition. The SENECA project, focused on the growing demand for mineral resources and strategic materials worldwide, investigates the potential of secondary sources of mining and industry through recovery and recovery processes of Critical Materials. The [...]

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