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Development of a complex material model for press hardening of steel, covering mechanical, thermal and metallurgical factors to generate an accurate prediction of the final behaviour of the material. The MiPre project has the objective to improve the accuracy of metallurgical and mechanical modelling to predict material properties in press hardening. [...]



Production of metal glass powder through the development of a new centrifugal atomization technology. The GLASCENT project aims to develop a new technology for producing glass metallic powders. Metallic glasses are metals with an amorphous microstructure that are obtained by rapid cooling techniques. These advanced materials have a huge interest in [...]



Control of risk for hydrogen embrittlement (HE) in steels for automotive applications. The CRYSTAL project, coordinated by Eurecat, aims to reduce the hydrogen embrittlement risk in high strength steel parts for the automotive industry. The project will use a novel solid-state gas sensor to quantitatively measure in-situ the hydrogen absorbed during [...]



New sustainable products through the transformation of ladle slag into high value-added products. The CYCLO-SLAG project develops an innovative and sustainable solution by transforming ladle slag into high value-added products with the aim to promote a sustainable approach and diversify the industrial sectors and markets for the final products. In this [...]



Development of an innovative range of dental implants based on new designs and advanced antibacterial surface treatments for the improvement of the biomechanical response. The BIOIMPLANT project has the objective to develop a new range of dental implants based on a new design of the external geometry (obtained from advanced methods [...]



Development and application of novel retrofitting technologies and equipment for efficient use of Variable feedstock in metal making processes. The REVAMP has the objective to cope with the increasing variability and to ensure an efficient use of the feedstock in terms of materials and energy. These new technologies developed will be [...]



Development of new models and methods to improve the design capabilities of the hybrid boxes, such as the wings of the airplanes, formed by metallic panels and composite materials components. INNOHYBOX project, coordinated by Eurecat, investigates the thermo-mechanical behaviour of hybrid boxes with the purpose to optimize them by developing a [...]



The objective of effiPRESS project is to characterise and develop hardening processes of greater efficiency and sustainability through hot stamping and the implementation of high strength steels (DOCOL®) and high thermal conductivity steels (HTCS®). Within the framework of the project, addressed especially at the automotive industry, investigations of the assisting heating [...]

CuttingEdge 4.0


Novel material characterisation and data driven analytics to predict and avoid edge-cracking in safety related automotive parts. Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) have become the dominant material choice for lightweight construction in the automotive and transport sector for its good in-service performance, manufacturability and recyclability. However, in these kind of materials [...]



CERORSOM develops an innovative degassing technology based on the ultrasonic treatment of light metals to demonstrate, for the first time on an industrial scale, that ultrasonic degassing technology can be an efficient resource and environmentally friendly method to be used effectively in industrial conditions. CERORSOM means a significant improvement for the [...]

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