Development of adaptive methodologies for e-learning applications and tools for the digital support of the learning to improve processes efficiency and the capacity of students. The ADeAPTIVE project implements pilots to measure the learning adaptability of different student groups such as entrepreneurship, applied computing, art and globalization, and zooarchaeology students. The [...]



The goal of SkillsMatch is to develop assessment and learning technology in order to help users to adapt their skill assets to the demanded labour market skills. The solution will integrate and improve the development of Non-Cognitive Skills (NC), personality traits or motivations. During the project, partners will create a technological [...]

PECT Mataró Maresme


The Territorial Competitiveness Specialization Project (PECT in its acronym in Spanish) is the materialization of multiple strategies in Mataró city and Maresme region for the transformation of the territory through the construction of an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive economic growth model. The PECT of Mataró Maresme is aligned with two priority [...]



The HATCH project creates an online reference platform dedicated to space research. It will make the findings of the European space projects available to a wide group of users, encourage greater collaboration and partnerships between the different agents of the field and generate interest in space exploration. The web portal will [...]



GREENOMED aims to test and transfer an inter-regional Clusters-centred cooperation methodology aimed to set the basis of an interconnected network of regional pilot plants. GREENOMED targets mainly regional clusters that with the projects’ solution will be able to offer more advanced services to their members, will internationalize their activity and strengthen [...]



Development of a complete online training program on the most innovative micromanufacturing technologies. MIMAN-T project will provide an overview on all the Micro-Manufacturing Technologies (MMT) together with the technical and economical details. Indeed, this system is still missing, but essential to provide the SMEs with all the necessary information to invest [...]



Activities between Europe and Latin American countries to strengthen research, training potential and industrial competitiveness as facilitators of the implementation of nano materials and advanced materials technologies in the health, water and energy areas in Latin America. NMP-DeLA project develops activities to build new skills that facilitate local knowledge; to foster synergies [...]

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