Development and implementation of digital and circular water use innovations to promote a sustainable use of water and advancing sustainability process of industries. Innovative insulating and energy storage materials in building envelopes that have climate adaption capabilities. The iClimaBuilt project develops and implements advanced energy technologies materials, with improved insulation and [...]



Design, manufacturing and validation of the next generation of battery packs for the automotive mass-market. The MARBEL project develops an innovative and competitive lightweight battery with increased energy density and shorter recharging times with the objective to accelerate the mass market take-up of electric vehicles. The project innovation is based on [...]



Development of a new technology which enables to reinforce parts with continuous fibres, multiplying in this way the mechanical properties while reducing the weight. The CFIP (Continuous Fiber Injection Process) technology is a new post-processing, developed and patented by Eurecat, based on injecting the continuous fibers simultaneously with liquid resin inside [...]



Active fusion community in Catalonia including leader research institutions, universities and industrial partners. The FusionCAT project aims to establish the technology transfer from the associated institutions with the industry to promote industrial competences in the Catalan field and achieve fusion energy. In this sense, FusionCAT paves the way to develop the [...]



Increase of the circularity of spent batteries from electric and hybrid vehicles and development of new identification protocols to give a new use for second-life batteries. The RECIBIL project promotes and increases the circularity of spent batteries from hybrid and electric vehicles and develops new identification protocols for second-life batteries, with [...]



In vitro diagnostic medical device through a Point of Care (PoC) system. The KERASTOP project aims to develop the first clinical test based on scientific evidence for early diagnosis of Keratoconus, a degenerative pathology of the cornea. The innovation of the project consists on the development of a new in vitro [...]



Development of an innovative range of dental implants based on new designs and advanced antibacterial surface treatments for the improvement of the biomechanical response. The BIOIMPLANT project has the objective to develop a new range of dental implants based on a new design of the external geometry (obtained from advanced methods [...]



A novel Cobalt-free Lithium-ion battery technology that overcomes many of the current shortcomings faced by Electrical Vehicle (EV) batteries via the enhancement of each component in the battery system in a holistic manner. The COBRA project develops a new unique battery system that merges several sought-after features, including superior energy density, [...]



Development of new models and methods to improve the design capabilities of the hybrid boxes, such as the wings of the airplanes, formed by metallic panels and composite materials components. INNOHYBOX project, coordinated by Eurecat, investigates the thermo-mechanical behaviour of hybrid boxes with the purpose to optimize them by developing a [...]



Innovative and affordable solutions for advanced car body shells manufacturing and lightweight material strategies for railways, innovative doors and train modularity. The CARBODIN project, coordinated by Eurecat, has the objective to contribute to the next generation of passenger trains that will be lighter and more energy and cost efficient than the [...]

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