Innovation and Product Development



Creation of a cyber-physical device that monitors and optimizes the plastic injection process. The DASIT project develops a cyber-physical prototype that allows real-time and remote monitoring of the injection process, obtaining direct data from sensors embedded in the mould and indirect data through a device connected to the mould. The device [...]



Zero emission electric vehicles enabled by harmonised circularity. The ZEvRA project improves the circularity of light-duty electric vehicles (EVs) throughout their entire value chain, from materials supply and manufacturing to end-of-life (EoL) processes. To do so, ZEvRA develops a Design for Circularity (DfC) methodology and a holistic circularity assessment aimed at [...]



Development of a new generation of eco-designed and automated circular knitting machines. The EcoTex project focuses on reducing the environmental impact in the production of circular knitting machines, implementing a sustainable design and optimizing the use of materials. EcoTex improves the ergonomics of the operator with a solution that contemplates the [...]



Feasibility study on the activation of sensitive capabilities in the surface materials of kitchen furniture to accelerate the digitization of professional kitchens. The FURN4COOK project has tested the integration of advanced electronics embedded in the surface layers and materials of the kitchen equipment to facilitate control and access to the options [...]



Development of a medical device for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The MOWOOT project develops the first medical device for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, a common disorder that causes abdominal pain and irregular bowel movements. The device uses mechanical stimulation of the abdomen to interact with gastrointestinal [...]



Prototype for the monitoring and control of exotic species. The EXOVIEWER project develops a station prototype that detects invasive exotic species from abroad. EXOVIEWER integrates multi-capture insect traps in a single device (prototype in trailer format) to obtain photographs of the capture sheets, from cameras, and send them for identification and [...]



Innovative smart ski boot that allows the skier to improve his technique and, additionally, can be used as a touring boot to walk with ease and more comfort than the existing ones. FLEXOSKIBOOTS is an industrial research project that addresses two unresolved challenges in the ski sector. In the first place, [...]



The new panot of the XXI century. In 1906, Barcelona City Council ran a tender, which Escofet won, to standardise the designs of its “panots”, the paving stones that have fundamentally shaped the image of Barcelona's streets. One hundred and fifteen years later, through the BIT Habitat Foundation, it is launching [...]

ABLE Human Motion


Collaboration in the development of the ABLE exoskeleton: light, easy to use and affordable, aimed at patients with spinal cord injuries. The ABLE Human Motion project helps people with paraplegia due to a spinal cord injury to stand up and walk independently again thanks to a wearable exoskeleton. ABLE uses a patented electrical [...]

EIT Culture & Creativity


Knowledge and innovation community designed to strengthen and transform Europe’s Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI). The EIT Culture & Creativity initiative, promoted by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), connects creatives and organisations to Europe’s largest innovation network. The objectives of the EIT Culture & Creativity are: [...]

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