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Radical innovations to recover minerals and metals from seawater desalination brines. The SEA4VALUE project, coordinated by Eurecat, has the objective to develop a Multi-mineral Modular Brine Mining Process (MMBMP) for the recovery of valuable metals and minerals from brines produced in sea-water desalination plants (SWDP). The innovation promoted by the project [...]



Development of a photoelectrocatalytic tandem reactor (TPER) to manufacture chemical products from renewable energies based on CO2, water and sunlight, integrating the capture and conversion of CO2 in a single dispositive. The SunCoChem project, led by Eurecat, aims to provide the chemical industry with an alternative to produce oxo-chemicals without using [...]



New microcapsules with antimicrobial and disinfectant effects for the sanitation of high-concurrency spaces. The Microesenci project investigates, develops and validates new microcapsules, which contain essential oils, with the objective to reduce the risks of infection in different risk situations and exposure spaces for vulnerable people, such as hospitals, elderly’s centres or [...]



Light olefins and aromatics using light hydrocarbons (C1, C3 and C4) by implementing new procedures, involving innovative catalysts synthesis methodologies and novel reactor design and processing, demonstrating their improvement in sustainability and economic scalability in existing industrial processes. BiZeolCat project shares the vision of an innovative and sustainable economy based on [...]

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