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Aerial Robotic training for the next generation of European infrastructure and asset maintenance technologies. Currently, industrial sectors such as energy, transport, oil and gas, and chemical industries spend considerable amounts of resources to ensure their assets’ operational integrity. For that reason, alternative approaches for inspection and maintenance are urgently needed both [...]



A highly modular and collaborative autonomous ground robot for assisting construction workers on the transportation of heavy materials. The COBOLLEAGUE project develops an innovative highly modular, collaborative and autonomous ground robot with the objective to assist construction workers on the transportation of heavy tools and materials, enhancing their safety and increasing [...]



Creation and implementation of robotics farming and agricultural solutions to protect crops. The Robs4Crops project aims to address and resolve the organizational and technological challenges associated with robotic farming’s widespread adoption. By building upon the existing agricultural machine, standards and best practices, the project shapes and delivers a fully autonomous system, [...]



Operational Platform to manage a fleet of semi-autonomous drones exploiting GNSS high Accuracy and Authentication to improve security and safety in port areas. The PASSport project designs and develops a new solution extending the situational awareness based on aerial fixed/rotary wing and underwater drones with the objective to improve safety in [...]



Assets4Rail project applies cutting-edge technology such as ground penetrating radar, artificial vision and autonomous vehicles to monitor possible defects of the tunnels, as well as the geography and wear of the roads and the noise and vibrations of the bridges with the purpose of obtaining more secure and profitable infrastructures and [...]



Development of a new smart integrated Robotics system based on dynamic manufacturing processes and addressed to SMEs controlled by Internet of Things (IoT). The HORSE project has the objective to leap forward in the manufacturing industry proposing a new flexible model of smart factory involving collaboration of humans, robots, Autonomous Guided [...]



Increase of the circularity of spent batteries from electric and hybrid vehicles and development of new identification protocols to give a new use for second-life batteries. The RECIBIL project promotes and increases the circularity of spent batteries from hybrid and electric vehicles and develops new identification protocols for second-life batteries, with [...]



New European network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) to stimulate the implementation of high robotic technologies and Artificial Intelligence in the agri-food industry. The AgROBOfood project develops a network, formed by universities, research centres and innovative companies with the objective of create innovation ecosystems at local and regional level in the [...]



A Pan-European network of 26 robotics Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) to promote and accelerate the knowledge and technology exchange among the different centres and facilitate the adoption of the latest robotic technologies in the field of Agile Production. The DIH2 project believes in the power of robotics to transform the agility [...]

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