Robotics and Automation



Artificial intelligence to reuse wastewater and nutrients in the agricultural sector. The iRAIN project investigates an innovative advanced water resource management system to optimize water resources applied in precision agriculture. iRAIN's system combines new treatments for water regeneration and nutrient recovery from urban wastewater with hybrid technologies based on monitoring, artificial [...]



Innovative collaborative initiative among three leading Spanish technological centres in the field of quantum computing. The ARQA project advances research and development of quantum applications for the business sector, thereby tackling challenges that traditional computing cannot currently resolve. The Cervera ARQA Network, formed by the Technological Center for Information and Communication [...]

Smart Droplets


Enablement of technologies that reduce pesticide and fertilizer use for a better environment. The Smart Droplets project advances in a holistic system capable of translating large amounts of data into meaningful information and impactful spraying commands on the field. Smart Droplets implements autonomous retrofit tractors with Direct Injection System (DIS) for [...]



Cognitive robotics and artificial intelligence for the safe handling of hazardous industrial waste drums. The RoboQuimIA project investigates robotics and artificial intelligence technologies applied to the handling of dangerous substances and waste in mobile containers, managed by the companies of the Tradebe Group, during the logistics of receiving and accepting waste [...]



Collaborative robots and cameras for fruit harvesting and handling. The HarvBot project improves strawberry harvesting and handling through the integration of collaborative robots and cost-effective cameras in hydroponic crop environments. The key innovation lies in harnessing computer vision technologies to enable the automated detection and harvesting of strawberries. In collaboration with [...]



Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies for factories with high capacity for adaptation and resilience. The ADAPTA project develops a set of technologies and strategies that respond to the handling, intra-logistics and definition of production processes needs of manufacturing companies. This general objective is based on flexible robotic solutions that incorporate [...]



Collaborative robotics in agri-food companies. The ROCOLA project manages to improve the competitiveness of agri-food companies by incorporating collaborative robotics in their processes. ROCOLA collects existing experiences in collaborative robotics and seeks solutions to specific challenges of the participating companies, designing preliminary configurations and executing pilot tests that demonstrate the feasibility [...]



Study of advanced robotics solutions for the textile sector. The FASHIONAUT project aims to digitise and robotise potential manufacturing processes in the textile industry, opening the door to new automation solutions using the latest market innovations. The main innovations contributed by the project consist of the detection of materials through artificial [...]



Acceleration of systemic changes to create last-mile delivery ecosystems that are economically, ecologically and socially sustainable. The GREEN-LOG project offers Logistics-as-a-Service platforms for interconnected city logistics, automated delivery concepts using autonomous vehicles and delivery droids, cargo-bike-based innovations for sustainable micro-consolidation, and multimodal parcel deliveries integrating public transport network. The GREEN-LOG approach [...]

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