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Design and development of a new generation of circular knitting machines with total and predictive quality control. The PRECATEX project implements an innovative total and predictive quality control system with the objective to allow the productivity of quality textiles and minimises defective production. This new system is achieved by using new [...]



Systemic and holistic approach towards the creation of a European Union market for locally-produced circular textiles and clothing made from bio-based waste. The HEREWEAR project has the objective to promote new materials solutions on the latest bio-based polyesters and cellulose developments. The Functional Textiles Unit of Eurecat participates in the project [...]

PECT Mataró Maresme


The Territorial Competitiveness Specialization Project (PECT in its acronym in Spanish) is the materialization of multiple strategies in Mataró city and Maresme region for the transformation of the territory through the construction of an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive economic growth model. The PECT of Mataró Maresme is aligned with two priority [...]



Development of fibre-based smart materials along with an integrated platform with the aim to manufacture new products with multi-sectoral applications in consumer electronics and lighting, among others. The project 1D-NEON explores ground breaking concepts that will provide cutting edge advances in the design, sustainable manufacturing, testing and integration of novel functionalized [...]



The expansion of tropical diseases such as dengue, malaria, and more recently, Zika, is becoming a continuous growing global problem according to all the world health associations and departments. One of the main vectors in the transmission of these diseases on a worldwide scale are mosquito bites. The primary aim of [...]



The objective of NANOPATEX is the development of functional textiles aimed at thermal sensorisation and/or controlled release of substances into the skin for health and physical well-being purposes, based on the use of synthetic micro/nano-structured PA fibres through polymeric particles which contain the active ingredients and components. Consortium formed by: Nurel and [...]

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