System for detection and diagnosis of mechanical failures based on acoustic emissions for a predictive maintenance in railway deviation systems. Predivia has developed technologies that allow the detection and monitoring incipient issues of cracks in critical elements of the railway infrastructure, as well as forecast their evolution, allowing to predict the [...]



New premixed powdered iron-based formulations manufactured in-company for use in the pulvimetallurgical industry. The METALDIS project develops a new industrial metal powder wet-mixing strategy for implementation at semi-industrial level in the production chain of pressed and sinterised parts for structural and magnetic components intended mainly for the automotion industry, and for [...]



Modelling and simulation of compact vehicles for the construction industry equipped with optimised thermal management compared to motor cooling elements. The VECOTER project makes use of CFD integral numerical simulation to achieve a realistic level by coupling physical differences and adjustment and validation against parameters obtained from real environment tests, a [...]



The AVINT project aims to develop and introduce an application for predicting the roughness and surface finish of mechanised pieces for their optimal surface integrity. In addition, the project will allow new products and pieces with added value to be obtained, such as mechanised tools, coverings for tools and lubricants/cooling agents. [...]



Intelligent monitoring system for the predictive maintenance of the critical elements of bogies, based on the processing of acoustic emissions. The BEA project has developed tools to detect, locate and diagnose emerging cracks in the critical elements of bogies, such as the axles and wheel tread, and to predict the development [...]



The FAMPAI project develops and manufactures, with advanced processes, powdered materials of a metallic, intermetallic and ceramic nature, with a crystalline, amorphous structure, for industrial applications. The project focuses on shaping pieces by means of powder metallurgy and on the treatment and functionalisation of surfaces by means of coverings deposited by [...]



The REFER project promotes energy cost-reduction and greater efficiency in residential and service buildings by monitoring and optimizing the conditioning systems of residential buildings and, on the other hand, incorporating to service buildings intelligent and interoperable energy management systems and new innovative solutions for the generation and storage of renewable energy. [...]



The BIM4 has been designed to use BIM methodology to include a new safety improvement system during the construction of buildings and infrastructures. This project will develop a technology to enable the continuous monitoring of workers, collective protection teams, and machinery used in construction work, and connect them to an Occupational Risk [...]



NATURE4CITIES is a research and innovation project. Its goal is to create a Reference Platform for Nature Based Solutions (NBS). The platform offers technical solutions, methods and tools aimed at facilitating decision-making in urban planning. This will address the environmental, social and economic challenges of cities. Nature4Cities aims to bring nature [...]

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