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Development of novel materials and manufacturing processes for a high-volume production of OLAE devices. The MADRAS project, coordinated by Eurecat, has the objective to develop new materials and  manufacturing processes for a scalable production in an industrial level of OLAE devices. The project addresses the use of conventional and established industrial [...]

IdF Community


The Community of Industries of the Future, coordinated by Eurecat and composed of 28 reference entities in the Catalan manufacturing sector, aims to consolidate a leading innovation pole in Efficient and Sustainable  Manufacturing in Catalonia, by creating a network of capacities and local pilot plants that allow the cohesion of integral [...]



PLASTFUN develops techniques and methods necessary for establishing a pilot manufacturing line of plastic injection pieces with surfaces with advanced functions, on an industrial scale. The manufacturing pilot will enable companies in the territory to develop new products using these technologies and to acquire the necessary knowledge for their profitable production. [...]



Development of a new biomedical implant based on optogenetics technology – the combination of genetics and optics techniques to control and monitor activities of cells in a living tissue with light to activate cells to produce themselves the necessary drug (interferon-ß (IFN-ß) protein in this case) – that can be applied [...]



Optintegral promotes new industrial manufacturing of screens process to increase heir efficiency, reduce costs and limit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions up to half. Optintegral project develops a sustainable and versatile solution to manufacture TOLAE LED displays for advertising and marketing purposes with hybrid in-mould integration. The project innovation will [...]



Optinanopro project develops a new technology, based on nanotechnology, with the aim to create self-cleaning solar panels which will lead to increase their effectiveness and lifespan and to reduce the need for inspections. In the automotive sector, Optinanopro’s nanotechnology will enable the development of lighter parts to improve vehicle fuel consumption. [...]



Development of a smart and energy efficient blind that reduces the energy expense of buildings and monitors their efficiency parameters through environmentally friendly processes and at an affordable cost of work. The BRESAER project, focused on the rehabilitation of sustainable buildings, promotes a new façades and roof system that satisfies the [...]



A flexible, reliable and efficient solution in costs in order to produce functional micro functional parts with complex shapes. It reduces the energy use, enables savings in toll-related expenses and minimize the degradation risks of plastic. SONO"R"US project develops and optimizes the first ultrasonic moulding machine ready for being sold on [...]



The PREVIEW project (PREdictive System to Recommend Injection Mould setup) aims to provide the mould injection industry with process control mechanisms that will reduce the time to set up a mould configuration, afford in energy consumption and waste material, and increase productivity due to the process flexibility. PREVIEW develops a universal acquisition [...]

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