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Development of a new technology which enables to reinforce parts with continuous fibres, multiplying in this way the mechanical properties while reducing the weight. The CFIP (Continuous Fiber Injection Process) technology is a new post-processing, developed and patented by Eurecat, based on injecting the continuous fibers simultaneously with liquid resin inside [...]



Improvement of shaping systems for the deposition of semi-molten materials, applicable mainly to plastic, metallic or mixed materials (plastic, metallic, ceramic and inorganic). The FUSE3D project develops new technologies for the deposition of semi-molten material with the aim to improve the adhesion between layers of material and increasing its strength, combining [...]



Innovative and affordable solutions for advanced car body shells manufacturing and lightweight material strategies for railways, innovative doors and train modularity. The CARBODIN project, coordinated by Eurecat, has the objective to contribute to the next generation of passenger trains that will be lighter and more energy and cost efficient than the [...]

IdF Community


The Community of Industries of the Future, coordinated by Eurecat and composed of 28 reference entities in the Catalan manufacturing sector, aims to consolidate a leading innovation pole in Efficient and Sustainable  Manufacturing in Catalonia, by creating a network of capacities and local pilot plants that allow the cohesion of integral [...]



Printing of 3D products through recycled CFRPs and polymers to demonstrate the repurpose of these type of materials. Repair3D, through advanced nanotechnology solutions and additive manufacturing (AM), allows to reuse and recycle these materials in an innovative way and minimize the waste generated by plastics and CFRPs. The application of this [...]



CAR2CAR-LOFE aims to develop a low-frequency (LF), V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communication system: a new type of network through which autonomous vehicles can communicate with each other to make more information available on their surroundings and improve safety for drivers in the event of an emergency, such as a road accident, an accident [...]



The FAMPAI project develops and manufactures, with advanced processes, powdered materials of a metallic, intermetallic and ceramic nature, with a crystalline, amorphous structure, for industrial applications. The project focuses on shaping pieces by means of powder metallurgy and on the treatment and functionalisation of surfaces by means of coverings deposited by [...]



INNOFORMIN implements an innovative sheet forming center, which will integrate incremental and stretched deformation systems, with the aim of creating a hybrid technology that combines the technologies of Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF) and Stretch Forming (SF). The combination of Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF) technology, which allows the processing of metal sheets [...]



The PRO2 project investigates and develops new technologies and materials in the fields of additive manufacturing and 3D printing for the development of new products and applications. The project includes the study and development of new design techniques and tools for predicting the mechanical behavior of parts manufactured with these technologies. [...]



The MINIBUS project defines, develops, designs and manufactures a 100% electric urban minibus with high-load performance with the capacity to provide service in an urban environment throughout 16 hours of uninterrupted service, including the energy expenditure of the air conditioning, meeting the same requirements that current diesel vehicles. The project aims at [...]

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