Advanced Management Systems



Creation of a cyber-physical device that monitors and optimizes the plastic injection process. The DASIT project develops a cyber-physical prototype that allows real-time and remote monitoring of the injection process, obtaining direct data from sensors embedded in the mould and indirect data through a device connected to the mould. The device [...]



Next-generation battery management system (BMS) platform to overcome critical challenges limiting the performance of existing solutions. The iBattMan project revolutionizes battery management for Li-ion technologies, crucial for replacing Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) vehicles by 2050. iBattMan, through an innovative, modular, and scalable BMS, improves the performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness of Li-ion technologies, contributing to its full market penetration.​ The [...]



Safeguarding cultural heritage through real-time monitoring, long-term analysis and innovative strategies. The ARGUS project develops intelligent and scalable solutions for the monitoring and management of cultural sites, making them resilient to present and future challenges. The mission of ARGUS is orchestrated in five thematic pillars, from the development of digital and [...]



Development of a new generation of eco-designed and automated circular knitting machines. The EcoTex project focuses on reducing the environmental impact in the production of circular knitting machines, implementing a sustainable design and optimizing the use of materials. EcoTex improves the ergonomics of the operator with a solution that contemplates the [...]



Non-destructive detection by measuring the degree of maturity of oranges and tangerines with multispectral images. The MADURESA project promotes innovative and disruptive technologies for the digitisation and improvement of the quality process in the agri-food sector, specifically in oranges and tangerines. Artificial intelligence technologies applied in the world of agriculture use [...]



High-performance sensor for an industry 4.0 with zero manufacturing defects. The VISIRIA4.0 project develops vision technology to establish a constant line of information that allows any industry to improve its production processes, thus reaching manufacturing with zero defects. VISIRIA4.0 develops a new high-performance sensor that works in the spectrum range 400 [...]



Research and development of ceramic and metallic powder material from recycled sources for the additive manufacturing sector. The VIVALDI project promotes recovery processes for ceramic and metallic material waste through the generation of powder, to be used in additive manufacturing and other value-added applications, such as laser cladding or the development of light [...]



Non-profit regional innovation ecosystem formed by the main agents supporting digitisation in Catalonia. The Digital Innovation Hub of Catalonia (DIH4CAT) connects the main technology infrastructure of the region to accelerate technology transformation towards a more green and digital industry. DIH4CAT is mainly aimed at Catalan technology start-ups, public administrations and SMEs, [...]



Investigation of the nutritional quality and the interaction with the microbiota of new protein alternatives through the combination of new dynamic digestion technologies and Organ-on-Chip (OOC) intestinal modeling. The MICROGUT project aims to investigate the application of new OOC technologies for the recreation of the microenvironment of the human colon, including [...]

IoT Crops 4.0


Feasibility studies to assess the convenience of developing a cloud interface and HMI support for managing agricultural maps. The IoT Crops 4.0 project aims to carry out a set of feasibility studies that facilitate strategic decision-making and allow evaluating the convenience of developing a cloud interface and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) support [...]

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