Recovery of titanium sheet waste to manufacture titanium metal powder through atomisation. The VARTIP project valorises titanium sheet metal waste with the objective to manufacture high-value titanium powder and promote its future commercialisation. In this sense, VARTIP is developing a centrifugal atomisation technology for high melting point metals, which will allow [...]



New product of natural origin which acts as a salty taste enhancer. The Salt4Health project has the objective to develop a new product of natural origin that can be used as a salty flavour enhancer and able to avoid the antihypertensive effects of salt. Nowadays, the increased production of prepared food, [...]



New microcapsules with perfumes for detergency and cleaning products that do not generate microplastics. The GreenCAP project pursues to improve the leadership and excellence of the Spanish company in the development of detergents and cleaning products that do not generate microplastics. In recent years, the application of microcapsules has spread widely [...]



Production of metal glass powder through the development of a new centrifugal atomization technology. The GLASCENT project aims to develop a new technology for producing glass metallic powders. Metallic glasses are metals with an amorphous microstructure that are obtained by rapid cooling techniques. These advanced materials have a huge interest in [...]



New platform based on the Internet of Things (IoT) for the habitat industries of Catalonia. The SMARTSPACE project promotes a new IoT solution with the aim of boosting the Catalan habitat industry, expanding its offer to include connected products and devices and adding differentiation for its customers. SMARTSPACE encourages manufacturers and [...]



Active fusion community in Catalonia including leader research institutions, universities and industrial partners. The FusionCAT project aims to establish the technology transfer from the associated institutions with the industry to promote industrial competences in the Catalan field and achieve fusion energy. In this sense, FusionCAT paves the way to develop the [...]



New protocol for designers and marketing agencies that allow creating a more connected design and improving the user experience. The ZINKCAT project develops new technology-based tools addressed to professionals in the cultural industries and encourages research into new ways of innovation to personalise experiences and contents through data analysis. ZINKCAT creates [...]



Development of a new platform that allows augmented and interactive reality experiences. The MIRONINS project aims to redesign the cultural experience involved in visiting a museum, through the transmedia narrative, gamification and the use of new technologies. MIRONINS develops a new platform that allows augmented and interactive reality experiences to create [...]

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