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The MINIBUS project defines, develops, designs and manufactures a 100% electric urban minibus with high-load performance with the capacity to provide service in an urban environment throughout 16 hours of uninterrupted service, including the energy expenditure of the air conditioning, meeting the same requirements that current diesel vehicles. The project aims at [...]



The GREENTRONICS project develops components, electronic products and services for different applications in the sustainable mobility industry (electric and hybrid vehicles with high voltage batteries, 48V automotive systems and alternative systems). Unlike countries such as Japan, the United States and Germany, as well as China and South Korea, Catalonia lacks of [...]



The ADVANCEDFORMING project has been designed to introduce shearforming technology into the manufacturing process of critical parts for aeronautical engines. In order to design and manufacture a machine capable of processing complex axisymmetric geometry, similar to that used for the development of critical parts for aeronautical engines,  ADVANCEDFORMING  will investigate the mechanical and microstructural [...]



The Erica project aims to improve competitiveness of SMEs in the field of efficient and sustainable manufacturing through cooperation and knowledge transfer between clusters and technology centres. It includes the exchange of good practices between centres, a comparative assessment plan and a collaborative plan. Ultimately, the programme will enable the four [...]



To reduce the energy efficiency differences between the envisaged design specs and the ultimate performance of a building—i.e., the energy gap—is the main goal of Built2Spec. It offers a new set of technological advances for the inspection of construction sites. They are helpful to achieve the European requirements of energy efficiency [...]



The objective of the ENCODER INNOVATION project is the development of a new generation of intelligent, flexible, customisable, robust, water-tight encoders for food production environments, primarily based on a new, increased-precision photonic nucleus embedded in plastic, an innovative, embedded, wireless monitoring and communication solution, and an optimised cover, which is guaranteed [...]



The objective of NANOPATEX is the development of functional textiles aimed at thermal sensorisation and/or controlled release of substances into the skin for health and physical well-being purposes, based on the use of synthetic micro/nano-structured PA fibres through polymeric particles which contain the active ingredients and components. Consortium formed by: Nurel and [...]



Development of a complete online training program on the most innovative micromanufacturing technologies. MIMAN-T project will provide an overview on all the Micro-Manufacturing Technologies (MMT) together with the technical and economical details. Indeed, this system is still missing, but essential to provide the SMEs with all the necessary information to invest [...]



A flexible, reliable and efficient solution in costs in order to produce functional micro functional parts with complex shapes. It reduces the energy use, enables savings in toll-related expenses and minimize the degradation risks of plastic. SONO"R"US project develops and optimizes the first ultrasonic moulding machine ready for being sold on [...]



  Advanced manufacturing technologies, personalised design, the engineering of knowledge, sustainable production technologies and anthropometry and ergonomics to demonstrate that the personalised production of eyewear can be a profitable business of close optician-user contact, in addition to being sustainable and fashionable. The Optician2020 innovations are based on medical prescription, anatomical data [...]

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