The HATCH project creates an online reference platform dedicated to space research. It will make the findings of the European space projects available to a wide group of users, encourage greater collaboration and partnerships between the different agents of the field and generate interest in space exploration. The web portal will [...]



GO LACTEOS project’s main objective is to design adequate analytical techniques and methodologies to identify and quantify the different types of milk (cow, sheep and goat) used in the manufacture of mixing cheeses. The correct identification and quantification of the milk used in these cheeses guarantees transparency and legal competition among [...]

Multichanel Codec for 3D audio


The Multichanel Codec for 3D audio project has the objective of designing a new method for efficiently encoding/decoding (codec) and encapsulating 3D audio information stored into a proprietary file format. The new system will be built extending existing stereo free compression algorithms to multichannel in order to support 3D audio signals [...]



Technological tools for the analysis and prevention of risks in water supply infrastructures in order to counteract cyberattacks and natural hazards, verifying the effectiveness of current practices and to propose new complementary or palliative measures in order to foresee future threats. The technologies to be used and developed by STOP-IT project [...]



Development of a pheromone dispenser for matting disruption in vineyards using an autonomous ground robot equipped with a robotic arm. GRAPE (GroundRobot for vineyArd Monitoring and ProtEction) is an Echord++ experiment on Agricultural and Food Robotics. The project is developing the on-board intelligence, ranging from autonomous navigation algorithms to perception and [...]



Development of a new biomedical implant based on optogenetics technology – the combination of genetics and optics techniques to control and monitor activities of cells in a living tissue with light to activate cells to produce themselves the necessary drug (interferon-ß (IFN-ß) protein in this case) – that can be applied [...]



Rewastee project aims to provide the sustainable construction market with a unique and sustainable thermos-acoustic material from Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) waste, a residue from the metallurgy industry. The Rewastee solution will contribute to a better energetic efficiency in the construction sector and a reduction of the residue management’s economic costs [...]



The aim of this project is to develop a product for the construction of light architectural structures that need to reproduce complex geometries modifiable according to different needs. This will help the construction industry to be more competitive and integrated according to the global standards. The HyperMembraneDEMO solution will be applied [...]

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